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Ramon Vicens

Ramon Vicens has over a decade of experience within the cyber security industry. At Blueliv, Ramon serves as VP of Threat Intelligence and conducts in-depth research and investigations involving Threat and Fraud Intelligence within his team. Ramon joined Blueliv in early 2010 as a senior penetration tester and forensic analyst. Now, as Threat Intelligence VP, he is responsible for managing all of the intelligence investigations and analysis in the company, and also for product and service development. He also collaborates with other industry groups and ecosystems to enhance research capabilities and improve global cyber threat intelligence. Prior to joining Blueliv, Ramon was with international companies BDO and One eSecurity as a cyber security analyst engineer. He is an expert in honeypots/nets, incident handling, forensics, malware analysis, reverse engineering and uncovering cyber attack trends. Ramon holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunications from University of Catalonia, a Master’s Degree in Security from Ramon Llull University as well as professional security certifications. 
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