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Gerard Cervello

Gerard Cervello is a successful professional specialized in management, business development and in deploying high-profile IT projects. As Blueliv’s General Manager, Gerard has a multi-faceted role of leading, empowering and coaching a world-class team in the sales, marketing, finance, production, delivery and R&D areas to achieve Blueliv’s ambitious objectives, as well as in participating in the company’s strategy and vision. He has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry in multiple positions, from the bottom to the top, behaving as a strategic thinker with pragmatic approaches to solve issues and to improve how things work.

Before joining Blueliv, Gerard worked in large companies like Philips or in start-ups such as Isoco or Scytl. In the later one Gerard was part of the successful management team that helped the company to become the dominant player in its market, scaling the business from less than 1M to a run rate of over 60M upon his departure in 2016. Having hold different positions, from VP of Operations to VP of Sales Operations or VP of Presales, Gerard was able to develop and apply different abilities to successfully achieve its objectives every year. Gerard holds a Master of Engineering in Telecommunications from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. 
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