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RDPalooza: RDPs in the World of Cybercrime
  Key Points  Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a built-in part of the Windows toolkit popular for facilitating remote work. Cybercriminals take interest in compromising RDP endpoints as they provide direct access into a victim environment via a graphic interface.   Internet-facing RDP endpoints – colloquially known among cybercriminals...
Why Threat Intelligence is Central to Effective Vulnerability Prioritization
Vulnerability management is a persistent feature of good cybersecurity practice; a routine hygiene to help proactively reduce organizational risk. But vulnerability management is also a somewhat blunt instrument when faced with a critical mass of threats, each evolving at a different pace and each with unique implications for individual...
Brief analysis of CVE-2020-0601
Microsoft has recently released a patch for a severe vulnerability affecting Windows 10, and Windows Server 2016 and 2019, as predicted by Brian Krebs amongst others on Monday 13 January 2020. CVE-2020-0601  The flaw, assigned the CVE identifier CVE-2020-0601, involves one of the most basic components of the Windows API, CryptoAPI, which...
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