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Threat intelligence for healthcare: how to get the most out of your investment


February 14, 2019

Healthcare C-suite leaders are facing challenging times. This is the most breached sector globally, accounting for 24% of all cases investigated by Verizon. Valuable patient data, mission critical but...

financial sector
Effective threat intelligence for the financial sector


January 11, 2019

Financial sector CISOs and security teams face a tough challenge. They need to keep the organization  safe from the huge volume of indiscriminate threats that are unfortunately the price...

Why threat intelligence help CISOs make better security decisions


November 30, 2018

In just a few short years, the discipline of threat intelligence (TI) has grown from something on the cutting edge of cybersecurity, to a must-have feature for any CISO...

Top 10 Criteria for Buying the Best Threat Intelligence Solutions


November 30, 2018

CISOs are busy people. The chances are you’re balancing a variety of tasks: from communication with the board, to managing incident response, organization-wide training strategies, and a growing regulatory...

How to choose the right Threat Intelligence for your organization


November 30, 2018

Today’s CISOs face an unprecedented range of pressures. They are tasked with creating the secure foundation on which the success of boardroom-led digital transformation efforts rest. They must manage...

Threat intelligence
What is Threat Intelligence and why is it important?


November 2, 2018

Index Introduction What threat intelligence isn’t ‘Data’ ‘Information’ What threat intelligence is? Gathering Processing and actionable delivery Integration, visualization and dissemination Categories of threat intelligence Tactical Operational Strategic When...

4 Strategies to bolster your 2017 security posture


September 1, 2017

Is your business prepared for a cyber threat? Here are some considerations to help you understand the important dynamics of your security posture strategies: End users are the number...

Avoid the cost and headache of leaked data (here’s how)


July 20, 2017

“Leaked data falls into 4 types,” says Peter Gordon from SANS Institute: confidential information, intellectual property, customer data and health records. Data leakage, however, is not limited to deliberate...

Some tricks look like treats: using Threat Intelligence to improve your cyber threat visibility


October 27, 2016

Social engineering techniques date back to classical mythology. Social engineering can take many different forms, yet the basic concept hasn’t evolved since the Ancient Greeks deployed the Trojan horse....

From the Break Room to the Board Room: creating a culture of cyber security in the workplace – a start-up’s perspective


October 14, 2016

This October, we’re supporting National Cyber Security Awareness Month as an official champion. NCSAM is celebrated every October and marks a collaborative effort between government and industry to ensure...

Adaptive Security Model
Possible approaches to adaptive security


May 5, 2016

Traditional approaches to integrating cyber threat intelligence into an adaptive security model have relied very heavily on utilizing open source threat intelligence feeds and integrating these into a SIEM....

Fast and affordable threat intelligence for MSSP


April 20, 2016

Rapidly changing threat vectors are too overwhelming for most medium-sized and large businesses to take on alone. They lack qualified, dedicated cyber threat intelligence professionals, because these resources are...

Cyber Security Trends 2016: Prevention, defence and reaction are priorities


March 23, 2016

The complexity of cyber threats will keep on growing so that traditional security measures will be unable to reduce them. CISOs will be forced to rethink on how to operate...

Actionable Approach to Fighting Cybercrime using Cyber Threat Intelligence


January 13, 2015

Cyber Defense Magazine has recently published the following article of Dennis Lee, Territory Manager North America at Blueliv. Organizations are finding themselves in a world where having defensive controls like a firewall,...

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