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Threat intelligence for healthcare: how to get the most out of your investment
Healthcare C-suite leaders are facing challenging times. This is the most breached sector globally, accounting for 24% of all cases investigated by Verizon. Valuable patient data, mission critical but exposed digital endpoints and strict compliance requirements all add to the cybersecurity challenge. This is where threat intelligence (TI) can...
Managing cyber-risk: Cyberthreat intelligence and the Insurance sector
Organizations in all sectors face increasingly virulent and sophisticated cyberthreats on a weekly, if not daily basis. The insurance sector is particularly at risk.  From organized criminal groups seeking PII (personally identifiable information), financial account data and anything else that can be monetized, to hacktivists trying disrupt the day-to-day...
insurance credential theft
Insurance Identity theft: The weakest link
Anyone following the cybercrime landscape over the past two decades will be aware of one inalienable truth: online criminals will always go where there are people and money. Unfortunately, a side effect of the digital revolution has meant there are more online users and resultingly greater access to highly...
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