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Everything we know about the security gaps that led to this week’s Parler hack
Parler, the far-right social media platform that has garnered headlines after being used by Trump supporters to organise the now-infamous march on the US Capitol building, was taken down earlier this week. This was due to a combined effort from Android and Apple, both of which removed the app...
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Analysis of the Top10 Hacktivist Operations
Key Points The most relevant hacktivist operations in the last 12 months were: #OpIceIsis, #OpChile, #OpChildSafety, #OpKillingBay and #OpBeast.  The operation #OpGeorgeFloyd, born after George Floyd was killed by police in Minneapolis in May 2020, amassed 8535 tweets in just three weeks.  Hacktivist attacks generally comprise DDoS attacks, publishing...
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