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Top security concerns for the Financial Services industry in 2020
Following on from the release of our whitepaper earlier this week, a survey has concluded that the Banking and Financial Services sector is struggling with a skills shortage along with the sheer volume of threats and alerts as it continues its ongoing battle against cybercrime. This is according to...
Follow the money: cyberthreat intelligence for Banking & Financial services
Banks and financial services handle some of the most valuable information to cybercriminals, from account and credit card data to sensitive PII (personally identifiable information). As such, these organizations remain at the forefront for risk as cybercriminals become increasingly sophisticated and malicious in their methods. A new generation of...
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Effective threat intelligence for the financial sector
Financial sector CISOs and security teams face a tough challenge. They need to keep the organization  safe from the huge volume of indiscriminate threats that are unfortunately the price of doing business on the internet today. But they must also ensure they’re as resilient as possible to targeted, sophisticated...
Banking on Threat Intelligence: The Impact of Credential Theft on Financial Services
A couple of years ago cyber-thieves managed to compromise the accounts of thousands of Tesco Bank customers in the UK, stealing £2.5m in the process. The attack was labelled “unprecedented” at the time. But while major incidents like this are few and far between, attackers are certainly turning the...
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