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GDPR: Accelerate your reaction time, reduce your penalty
New whitepaper shows how threat intelligence can help mitigate the impact of GDPR on your business The new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming into force soon, and personal data breaches will be among the most seriously penalized issues a company can face. In fact, an organization in breach of GDPR...
Avoid the cost and headache of leaked data (here’s how)
“Leaked data falls into 4 types,” says Peter Gordon from SANS Institute: confidential information, intellectual property, customer data and health records. Data leakage, however, is not limited to deliberate efforts of cyber espionage. In fact, a surprising amount of it tends to be the result of human error–well into...
The week of Russian leaks
This week some important leaks have arisen in on the Internet, all of them related to Russian users: 1.000.000 Yandex addressess and passwords. 4.500.000 Mail.ru addressess and passwords. 5.000.000 GMail addressess, some of them with passwords. All this data was posted in a Russian Bitcoin Forum by a user...
Why SMBs should also care about Data breaches?
A written by Jen Miller of CIO magazine describes the importance for Cyber Security for small to midsize businesses. The article highlights how many smaller businesses can suffer from the same attacks that plague large enterprises to even attacks which specifically target them. These organizations could be using the...
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