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Eight ways to improve cyber hygiene in the enterprise
Eight ways to improve cyber-hygiene in the enterprise
Good hygiene keeps you safe and healthy, as well as others around you. It’s the same with cyber-hygiene – the sets of practices that organizations are increasingly adopting in a structured way to complement their technological layers of cyberdefense. We highlight cyber-hygiene in many of our publications – alongside...
Brief analysis of CVE-2020-0601
Microsoft has recently released a patch for a severe vulnerability affecting Windows 10, and Windows Server 2016 and 2019, as predicted by Brian Krebs amongst others on Monday 13 January 2020. CVE-2020-0601  The flaw, assigned the CVE identifier CVE-2020-0601, involves one of the most basic components of the Windows API, CryptoAPI, which...
Follow the money: cyberthreat intelligence for Banking & Financial services
Banks and financial services handle some of the most valuable information to cybercriminals, from account and credit card data to sensitive PII (personally identifiable information). As such, these organizations remain at the forefront for risk as cybercriminals become increasingly sophisticated and malicious in their methods. A new generation of...
What does good resilience look like
What does good resilience look like?
Business leaders can learn a lot about cyberdefense by studying how a lioness protects her cubs. Like any mother, she puts up the stiffest defenses against all known forms of attack. But she will also take care to instill resilience in her offspring in case, inevitably, those defenses at...
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