Proactive cyberthreat monitoring

How much do you know about the threats actors railed against your organization?

Do you know which malware has infected your corporate endpoints?

Blueliv’s solution empowers you to detect sophisticated external threats in real-time.
Identify your enemies, learn about preferred attack vectors and patterns and protect your organization from the outside in.

Fresh, targeted intelligence

Learn about threats and malicious actors, just as they try to learn about your organization’s assets, customers, employees and partners.

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24/7 real-time threat monitoring

Continuously delivers real-time intelligence about stolen credentials and infected devices as well as leaked data from the dark web and deep internet.

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Improve your response capabilities

Enriched intelligence, automated and delivered frictionlessly.

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Discover our use cases

Brand Protection

Trustworthy, timely intelligence to keep your organization safe.


Data Breach Protection

Threat Intelligence can reduce your liabilities.


Fraud prevention

Dynamic threat intelligence, relevant information in real-time.

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