Blueliv for CISOs

Manage risk and reduce your compliance liabilities

Most cybersecurity reports cite the average threat actor dwell time as well over 100 days.
The longer the dwell time, the higher the chance threat actors achieve their objectives.
The longer the dwell time, the costlier it becomes.

Reducing dwell time reduces the risk of suffering major incidents, simultaneously reducing potential compliance liabilities by better protecting your personal data.

Blueliv helps CISOs and their teams address these challenges by delivering
the freshest, most relevant and highly actionable intelligence.

Reduce risk and improve your security posture

Blueliv delivers strategic, curated and bespoke threat intelligence. This enables you to design and implement threat-based investigations and empower you to significantly impact your incident response performance.

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Empower your team

Improve team efficiency with fresh, relevant and actionable threat intelligence: the tools they need to make data-driven decisions and operate more effectively. Remove false positives, end fragmented ways of working and siloed processes.

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Reduce your GDPR liabilities

Real-time intelligence and in-depth understanding of your attack surface enables you to reduce the risk of data breach, mitigate compliance fines and customer attrition. Blueliv’s cloud-based, frictionless technology is fast to configure and implement, delivering immediate results.

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Blueliv for Threat Intel teams

Faster threat detection and decision-making.


Blueliv for CISOs

Manage your cyber-risk and reduce your compliance liabilities.


Blueliv for Incident Response Teams

Timely evidence to simply the remediation process.

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