Blueliv for Threat Intelligence teams

Threat Intelligence made easy

Acquiring and analyzing intelligence is not without its challenges. Most Threat Intelligence teams agree that the data that they handle is neither completely trustworthy nor actionable.

Even when data is enriched, its value is often relative because it is not delivered in a timely fashion.

Blueliv’s solution empowers threat intelligence teams, significantly improving threat detection and analysis capabilities by delivering only relevant threats, and in real-time.

Your threats, only your threats

We combine sophisticated machine-learning capabilities with human intelligence, delivering targeted and actionable intelligence. This makes it easier for Threat Intelligence operators to adapt their response to incidents targeting your organization

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Accelerate detection and response

Real-time evidence powered by the most frictionless technology on the market

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Understand your threat landscape

Improve visibility with the broadest collection of relevant threats, helping you connect the dots and build your kill chain

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Blueliv for Threat Intel teams

Faster threat detection and decision-making.


Blueliv for CISOs

Manage your cyber-risk and reduce your compliance liabilities.


Blueliv for Incident Response Teams

Timely evidence to simply the remediation process.

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