Blueliv for SOC teams

Faster detection, smarter decision-making. Fight against threats, not false positives.

SOC teams are still faced with the laborious tasks of figuring out which alerts and alarms are actually critical and require prioritization.
Cyberthreat intelligence can help SOC teams simplify this process by analyzing and validating contextual, targeted and relevant intelligence.

Targeted intelligence for an adaptive response

Process the freshest threat intelligence relevant to your organization. Forget manual data sourcing: we do the heavy lifting for you and deliver enriched intelligence, enabling you to implement smarter investigations and remediation processes.

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Continuous proactive threat search and monitoring

Detect, analyze and correlate real-time intelligence on threat actors, botnets and malware, as well as data obtained from the dark web and deep internet. Get the context you need to mitigate and remediate external threats.

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The only cloud-based technology developed for SOCs, conceived as a SIEM

Enhance your existing internal network security solutions and improve your cyber threat visibility with enriched data delivered in real-time. Our solutions use API and plug-ins for seamless integration with CERT, SOC and SIEMs. Discover more about our technological alliances.

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Blueliv for Threat Intel teams

Faster threat detection and decision-making.


Blueliv for CISOs

Manage your cyber-risk and reduce your compliance liabilities.


Blueliv for Incident Response Teams

Timely evidence to simply the remediation process.

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