Blueliv for Incident Response teams

Manage moving targets and improve incident response performance

Archaic and inaccurate investigations not only generate costly, inefficient and imprecise responses, but also impact your ability to prevent future attacks.

Effective incident response requires real-time, verified intelligence, actionable immediately.

Blueliv delivers real-time and relevant evidence, enabling an adaptive reaction and bringing down incident response times from months to minutes.

Accelerate threat investigation

Blueliv makes it easier to manage and correlate real-time information about botnets and malware as well as data obtained from the dark web and deep internet. Use this intelligence to simplify threat data analysis, enhance your understanding of the kill chain and proactively block threats that could harm your organization.

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Accelerate orchestration and remediation performance

Better threat visibility means shorter incident response times. Accelerate cyberthreat investigations with intelligence relevant to your organization and block attacks before they occur. Blueliv enables you to verify global threat data and concentrate resource on the real risks targeting your network.

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Accelerate communication

Connect your tools, teams and processes with the Blueliv platform. Improve intelligence sharing at a local and global level and make data-driven decisions faster with Blueliv modular and multi-tenant technology

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Blueliv for Threat Intel teams

Faster threat detection and decision-making.


Blueliv for CISOs

Manage your cyber-risk and reduce your compliance liabilities.


Blueliv for Incident Response Teams

Timely evidence to simply the remediation process.

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