Fraud Prevention

Blueliv’s real-time capabilities prevent fraud attempts targeting your customers and VIPs.

Make data-driven decisions and enhance your cybersecurity and fraud strategy, using threat intelligence to complement and feed your fraud scoring algorithms.

Blueliv’s solution can help you to reduce the exposure to potential fraud attempts and mitigate them faster, in a frictionless and automated way.

Optimize your response

Optimize fraud and fine savings by detecting infected POS earlier. Retrieve compromised cards in real-time, before they are sold on deep internet black markets.

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Discover compromised users

Learn which malware and web-injects are targeting your organization and customers.

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Enhance your security controls

Detect compromised online user accounts that can lead to fraudulent transactions.

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Discover our use cases

Brand Protection

Trustworthy, timely intelligence to keep your organization safe.


Data Breach Protection

Threat Intelligence can reduce your liabilities.


Fraud prevention

Dynamic threat intelligence, relevant information in real-time.

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