Threat Compass

Blueliv helps you counter cyberthreat faster using our adaptive, modular technology, Threat Compass.

Detect faster Unique external threats and exfiltrated information. The broadest threat collection capability on the market, delivered in real-time.
Analyze, correlate and manage more effectively Targeted, accurate and actionable Threat Intelligence powered by machine learning. All your threats, just your threats – with no false positives.
Orchestrate and remediate faster Benefit from Blueliv playbooks; Stay one step ahead and remove illegitimate websites, social media mentions, mobile apps and exfiltrated data.
Do more, with less Empower your security teams to efficiently hunt threats with limited resources – combining human expertise with machine learning.
Threat Intelligence made easy Modular, multi-tenant, subscription-based solution. Configure, deploy, and get results in a matter of minutes.
Connect and share Easily integrate your results with your existing solutions and share intelligence with peers and trusted parties.

Bespoke, modular setup

Threat Context

Improve team productivity with threat intelligence.



Retrieve compromised credentials in real-time


Dark Web

Boost your awareness of what’s going on underground


Credit Cards

Recover stolen credit card information in real-time



Protect your networks and employees from social-borne attacks



Detect malware and analyze suspicious executable files


Mobile Apps

Monitor and detect false, infected, modified, and copied apps


Social Media

Monitor your organization’s digital footprint


Data Leakage

Detect leaked information from employees and third parties


Domain Protection

Track illegitimate entities and domains


How it works

Give your security team a boost with real-time targeted intelligence.

Blueliv has a unique approach to Cyber Threat Intelligence - it removes the complexity contained in other CTI solutions by delivering only targeted information.

Yann Chalençon

Head of Cyber Security Services WyzlinkGroup

Since implementation in June 2013, BBVA has detected stolen data cards, identified stolen credentials, reported unique Trojans targeting online banking customers.

Jose Ignacio Guarrido Gonzalez

Head of Global BBVA CERT

We wanted to go a step further and gain the ability to detect and analyze external cyber threats before they affect clients’ businesses, and we needed a way to turn that ability into a global, scalable service offering.

Nikolaos Tsouroulas

Head of Cybersecurity Product Management at Telefónica.

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