Time is money – preventing or reducing outages minimizes disruption for your business.

Monitor global hacktivism activity on the dark web, the web, and social networks to protect your networks, devices, and employees from social-borne attacks.

The Hacktivism module can track, monitor and preserve information from across all different forms of social media, hacktivism Ops, targeted hacking attacks, compromised sites and information leaks originating from the underground.

Secure your IT infrastucture, networks, devices from social-borne attacks.
Prevent both digital and physical attacks from disrupting your business activities.
Protect your employees, assets, brand reputation and value.

Detect hacktivism threats

Detect live cyber threats targeting your brand and organization in an automated manner and search a vast array of social media.

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Track potential exploits and zero-days attacks

Receive alerts in real time and monitor attack vectors which represent an immediate risk for deployed key IT infrastructure.

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How it works

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