Credit Card Retrieval

Trust - your business’ success depends on it.

Credit card fraud is being carried out on an industrial scale, and protecting customer and employee data should be of paramount importance.

Detect and retrieve compromised credit cards from infected POS and underground forums to protect your customers and help prevent fraud.

The Credit Card Theft module flags malicious activity in real-time, reducing the potential impact of fraud and attempted fraud on your bottom line.

The window of opportunity for criminals to commit fraud, protecting your customers and VIPs.
Insurance costs, demonstrating due diligence in credit card fraud mitigation.
Protect your brand reputation and ensure a trustworthy customer experience.

Detect and retrieve
stolen credit cards

Learn in real-time about stolen customer credit cards before they’re sold on the Dark Web, and block them regardless of how they were compromised.

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Identify compromised POS devices

Protect end clients, detect infected POS.

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How it works

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