Elastic malware Sandbox

Almost half of data breaches are caused by malware.

Malware attacks are increasingly sophisticated, targeted, and much harder to detect.
The Blueliv Targeted Malware module allows you to detect those aimed at your organization seeking to steal sensitive information or commit fraud.

Actively hunt down malware samples and get alerts when your organization, employees or end customers are targeted.

Strengthen your defenses against malware, the root cause of most data breaches
Scale your hunt
Access our massive processing and evaluation capabilities, with over 1,000,000 malware samples analyzed per month.
Go Deep
In-depth analytics and robust malware behavior report enable smarter decision-making.

Real time notification

Automatically get informed about emerging malware targeting your organization

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Detailed Malware Analysis

Understand based on in-house reverse engineering how malware is targeting your organization

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How it works

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