Mobile Apps

Counterfeit apps continue to grow at a double digit pace in mainstream app markets.

Mobile devices hold massive amounts of valuable information, and are another way for cybercriminals to get into your customers’ pockets.

The Blueliv Mobile App solution enables you to monitor dozens of app marketplaces – both legal and illegal – to detect and remove rogue, malicious and illegitimate applications.

This not only reduces business costs, but also that your customer is better protected from malware infection and associated financial losses.

Business and security costs related to your mobile business.
Protect your reputation from non-compliant use of your brand.
Improve your customer’s protection from malware infection and monetary loss.

Detect malicious apps

Protect your customers from malicious mobile apps that may be stealing information from your customers and businesses.

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Mitigate risk of compliance violations

Quick detection means quick remediation of unauthorized apps impersonating your brand.

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How it works

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