BLUELIV FOR MSSPs: straightforward engagement, increased revenue

Many end customers opt to work with an MSSP to help them reduce risk and defend against cyberattacks. But as an MSSP, how do you gain a tangible advantage over your competition?

How do you deliver successfully and increase your value to customers, without being weighed down by multiple technologies, workflows and integrations?

Blueliv can help you rapidly expand your service portfolio by offering your end customers automated, targeted threat intelligence.

Our program is smart, straightforward and flexible. It’s designed to make engagement with us as simple as possible – meaning you can increase productivity and focus on your customers.


Our unique SaaS architecture is made from targeted threat intelligence modules, each acting on a different use case.

Meet your end customers’ needs with four routes to revenue
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Resell individual, targeted modules directly to end customers
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Full white-label integration as a standalone product
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Provide high quality consulting services using threat intelligence products
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Enrich your own existing solution with strategic and operational intelligence tools

Our fully automated modules are designed to help MSSPs service end customers with low in-house skills and a relatively immature security setup.


Our program has been designed to make it as easy as possible for MSSPs. We are proven to help you increase productivity and security maturity helping you to reduce operating costs and reduce risk for your customer.

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Move modules around your customer base until you find the unique combination of modules that delivers them the most value We’ve developed a unique MSSP ATM (self-service portal) to calculate your credit balance, so you’ll need a minimum amount of Blueliv interaction to accurately and quickly scope and size requirements
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Our unique, automated architecture has been designed with SOC teams in mind and is extremely easy to set up and run Easy ‘on-ramp’ commercially and technically for MSSPs with customers who may lack resource or technical skills to tackle external threats effectively

Our program enables MSSPs to build additional services around threat intelligence, while reducing costs for implementing enterprise class technology.