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Monday,   August 24th,   2020

Welcome to today’s intelligence briefing, covering noteworthy items on the cybersecurity news agenda.

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Phishing campaing of Grandoreiro banking trojan impersonating Spain’s Agencia Tributaria

The campaign began on August 11th, 2020, when many many Spanish people receiving messages claiming to be from the Agencia Tributaria. The emails attempted to trick users into believing they were a communication from the tax agency, the messages used sender info like “Servicio de Administración Tributaria” and come from the email address contato@acessofinanceiro[.]com. The message includes a link that points to a ZIP archive that claims to contain a digital tax receipt and inform the users that they have to fill a document to be submitted to the Agencia Tributaria along with a fee to pay. Learn more >

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