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Thursday,   September 10th,   2020

Welcome to today’s intelligence briefing, covering noteworthy items on the cybersecurity news agenda.

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New CDRThief malware targets VoIP Linux softswitches to steal metadata

Analysis of the malware revealed that it was specifically created for a particular Linux VoIP platform, namely Linknat VOS2009/3000 softswitches. A softswitch is a software solution acting as a VoIP server that manages traffic (audio/video/text) in a telecommunication network. It is a central element that ensures a connection between both internal and external lines. CDRThief’s purpose is to compromise VOS2009/3000 softswitches and steal call metadata from internal MySQL databases, such as IP addresses of the callers, phone numbers, start time and duration of the call, its route, and type. Learn more >

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