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Wednesday,   August 19th,   2020

Welcome to today’s intelligence briefing, covering noteworthy items on the cybersecurity news agenda.

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FritzFrog P2P botnet malware attacks SSH servers worldwide to mine Monero

The attack has already managed to infiltrate over 500 servers in the U.S. and Europe, of universities and a railway company. The advanced nature of FritzFrog lies in its proprietary and fileless P2P implementation written from scratch. The malware assembles and executes the malicious payload entirely in-memory, making it volatile. Moreover, its custom P2P implementation means, there is no single Command & Control (C&C) server sending instructions to FritzFrog. It's decentralized and self-sufficient. Despite the aggressive brute-force tactics employed by FritzFrog to breach SSH servers, it is strangely efficient by targeting a network evenly. Learn more >

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