Herjavec Group and Blueliv invite you to learn why targeted threat intelligence could be the crucial missing link in your cyber defences.

Friday 27 September, 2019

Herjavec Group has recently partnered with Blueliv, a threat intelligence provider offering its flagship cloud-based SaaS solution Threat Compass.

Threat Compass retrieves targeted information from the open, deep and dark web and delivers contextualized, actionable intelligence through individual modules.

Modules mean you can focus your spend and buy only the use case you need – from retrieving compromised credentials and credit cards, to detecting leaked information, to gathering intel on threat actors targeting your industry and protecting your business.


Why Blueliv is different to other threat intelligence providers

Modular Targeted Automated Fresh
Only use the service elements you require. It’s achievable for organisations of all sizes to get onboard with threat intel to boost their security posture An easy to use interface for configuring terms/inputs relevant for your organisation retrieving specific information


The solution does not need a large team of analysts slowing the process down or taking up your security team’s time Continuously updated threat information reducing the remediation time, closing the threat window