Why Digital Risk is more than a margin maker for cyber channel partners

The arrival of Digital Risk as a market category is capturing the attention of cyber channel partners who see an opportunity to deliver extra value to customers pursuing digital transformation goals.

In this blog we examine the role of threat intelligence (TI) in the digital risk equation, and as a catalyst for enhanced MSSP success.

Understanding Digital Risk

The starting point for all risk management is the concept that everything carries risk. From a cyber perspective we know that simply carrying on business-as-usual attracts threats that are unique to the organization at hand. Not only that, but these cyber threats continue to evolve dynamically even while the business itself is somewhat static. ‘Digital risk’ concerns the risk-mapping of this changing situation while also charting the accumulation of new threats as the organization goes deeper into its digital transformation journey. For instance, as new digital initiatives expand attack surfaces they expose data to potential loss and compromise control over brand reputation.

Digital transformation is driving the development of leading companies in all sectors, and the Digital Risk Management Institute points out that digital risk is a business issue  (rather than a tech issue) typically placed under the control of C-suite executives rather than the IT department. Those C-suite executives are often not the usual stakeholders for MSSPs, they are cyber generalists at very best and the opportunity to educate and truly partner is significant.

All this points to a golden opportunity for cyber channel partners who seek to enhance their status in the eyes of customers from ‘occasional supplier’ to ‘indispensable advisor’. And TI is the key that unlocks the door.

Actionable Threat Intelligence – as a Service

By equipping their customers with the ability to identify, anticipate and manage their unique cyber risks over time, cyber channel partners open up both tactical and strategic revenue opportunities by harnessing TI.

Core to achieving this will be automated access to a multi-tenanted, modular TI solution onto which partners can rapidly onboard each customer with their own simple yet highly customizable configuration. This can then be charged as a service according to their chosen consumption model.

Once set up, visibility of the complete threat intelligence picture is available, and updated on a real-time basis. At Blueliv, we’ve seen the result of this not only enabling a superior security posture for end customers, but also as a powerful strategic weapon for MSSP partners to understand their customers’ risk in the context of digital transformation investments.

Crucially, by deploying an advanced TI solution, MSSPs and their customers can proactively mitigate digital risks, not merely passively monitor them.

Building a Bridge from Traditional Cyber Solutions to MSSP

End customers’ growing appetite for new ‘as-a-service’ consumption models are in sharp contrast to the legacy approach of making capital infrastructure purchases and investing in increasingly scarce in-house cyber skills. Hence the growing presence of MSSPs, many of which draw their business heritage from traditional cyber reseller backgrounds.

Tapping into demand for digital risk solutions with an MSSP-driven threat intelligence service enables channel partners to move away from the declining market for traditional cybersecurity solutions while increasing their net revenues.

For resellers who see digital risk and threat intelligence as bridges from one model to the other, there is more opportunity to deliver extra value and margin in any cyber-related customer engagement. Complementing what many may perceive as the ‘core’ cyber functions of managed firewall, IPS and so forth, threat intelligence capabilities are the essential premium add-on service that allows the partner to differentiate and become ‘stickier’ and more strategic to their customers’ plans. 

Modular TI is Critical to Success

There are a few killer questions partners/MSSPs must address when evaluating a potential TI vendor  – and chief among these is the extent of modularity.

Modularity is critical because full TI coverage is so extensive with certain intelligence sources being of greater relevance to certain industry sectors than others. Blueliv’s modules cover threat context, compromised credentials, dark web, credit card theft, rogue mobile apps, targeted malware, hacktivism, data leakage, social media and domain protection  – but not all taken by every end customer from the outset.  Blueliv allows MSSPs to land and expand further into new customers and/or access new budget pots within exisiting customers.

Modularity also opens up the entire enterprise market wherever they are in their business maturity or approach to in-house vs. outsourced security – from customers who look to their MSSP to take-on all security operations, to those that have their own SOCs.

Many TI offerings are ill-suited to real-world MSSP scenarios when vendors are reticent to ‘break-up’ their complete offering because of commercial or technical inflexibility (or both). Blueliv’s approach – by contrast – is very channel friendly,  not just in terms of product modularity but also through our dedicated partner training, accreditation, sales enablement and pre/post-sales support.


‘Digital Risk’ provides a rallying point for what many in the threat intelligence field have known for some time: that cybersecurity is a pivotal function in enabling organizations to exploit the advantages of new technology. It is no surprise, therefore, to see MSSPs transforming the role of cybersecurity partners from solution suppliers to strategically valuable digital advisors.

But seeing a market opportunity and being equipped to convert it are two very different things. This is why Blueliv was among the first TI specialists to support the evolution of MSSP TI propositions with a modular product that has been perfected in real-world MSSP scenarios around the world.

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