Cyber Threats keep growing. Blueliv’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Report.

Here you are the main conclusions of the just analyzed Cyber Threats which have been apparent on a global level during the second quarter of 2014, comparing them with the first quarter of the year. The main point is that Cyber Threats continue to be increasingly more frequent and their impact keeps growing. Our opinion is that the world of Cyber Threats will continue this pattern of evolution over the coming months, with the number and impact of incidents increasing. This implies a greater necessity for early detection for companies in order to avoid greater risks.

Blueliv_Cyber Threat Intelligence Report

To carry out this report, Blueliv has analyzed 2.5 million stolen credentials and credit cards, 130,000 malware samples and 500,000 cyber-crime servers collected by its intelligence technology designed to tackle cyber threats.


This second quarter of 2014 USA has continued to be the first country in credit card information theft, as a 67% of the credit and debit cards that have had their data stolen had been issued in USA.


The average price for which the information of the cards is sold has slightly fallen this quarter, from $6 to $5.5 per card. The price per card has oscillated between $1 and $60, depending on the type of the card, the money it can be earned using it and, the freshly acquired credit cards have a highest price in the market.


This quarter Thailand has been the country with the highest number of credential thefts, a 38% of the global, followed by Indonesia, India and Vietnam.


The number of botnets has increased a 19% this quarter. While most of them are geolocated in USA (51%), another 22% have been found in countries from the European Union.


Regarding C&C botnet types, more than a half of the analyzed ones are Zeus (52%) and Citadel is the second type in the ranking, with the 28%.


As for the geolocation of the malware (the location of the servers that contain malware), the 40% of the analyzed malware was located in USA and another 31% in China.

Look now to the Q2 Cyber Threat Intelligence Info Graphic of 2014. And, here is the link to the Q1 Info Graphic in case you missed it.

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