Successful CISO 360 Congress sponsored by Blueliv

Last week, Pulse Conferences hosted the CISO 360 Congress at the Grand Marina hotel in Barcelona; an incomparable frame by the Mediterranean Sea where more than 80 CISOs gathered to discuss the most trendy and relevant cyber security topics. The event went on for 3 days and it gave us a great occasion to learn, exchange with peers and keep ourselves up- to-date with state of art cyber security practices.


Cyber threat landscape high in the agenda

This time, the popular event taking place at the major European cities, took place July 5-7 in Barcelona and Blueliv had the pleasure to collaborate as one of the official sponsor of the event.

As Barcelona locals, some of the Blueliv representatives attended the welcoming cocktail on Tuesday and had the chance to meet some of the CISOs and doctors already at the hotel.

During the first day, there were several outstanding moments that positively placed Blueliv at the spotlight:

  • During the panel where Mr. Eduardo di Monte (CISO at the Agbar group) was taking place, he explained the criticality of keeping their water clean and how Blueliv has played an important role collaborating with the company against cyber threats.
  • The lunch sponsored by Blueliv was a great occasion for attendees to further discuss the interesting speeches and panels from the morning.
  • Many professionals approached our Threat Intelligence experts at our sponsor table and kindly asked for further information as they perceived value from Blueliv’s solution.


In the afternoon, relevant and up to date topics such as, how to achieve world-class integrated security, disaster recovery and business continuity, were covered and many use cases were showcased. After the conference day ended, all the participants had the pleasure to network during a boat ride in front of Barcelona and at a nice dinner in Can Travi Nou restaurant.

The second day started off with an interesting panel in which Nahim Fazal, Blueliv’s head of threat intelligence Development, spoke about cyber threat intelligence collaboration models such as the Threat Exchange Network from Blueliv; a network where thousands of cyber security specialists share and compile valuable data.

In order to share insights and opinions about the two conference days, Thursday evening the event organizers kindly hosted a dinner where all attendees enjoyed more informal conversations and the food from El Cangrejo Loco restaurant.

Last day, the different CISOs and Heads of Security took part on an interesting and rich in content Boardroom. During this exclusive meeting, will to collaborate and contribute with cyber security peers was remarkable.


The general outcome of the event is that cyber security experts are aligned against cyber threats and all agree that no measure is sufficient enough to face the increasing and sophisticated cyber threats.

Most of the CISOs across industries have shared great knowledge and understanding about the coming GDPR legislation impacting them and discussed how companies risk appetite impacted their overall security strategy.

The recent cyber attacks such as WannaCry and Petya going mainstream has been very much discussed by CISOs. They think that they might have been an eye-opener for company’s boards and believe that they will surely assess further the company risk appetite to better protect their business reputation.

It was highly valuable meeting all these cyber security experts and we look forward to attending further events at various locations as well.

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