People becoming unfazed to cyber attacks?

When Target was hacked last year the incident made headline news for months. Target reported that their Q4 sales dropped 46% and their stock took an 11% dip. Most recently Home Depot was hacked exposing over 65 Million Credit cards, including yours truly. However, Home Depot stock didn’t take a hit and sales continued to increase day by day as the story was unfolding.

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We recognize that Home Depot did a great job learning from where Target made mistakes by quickly and transparently notifying those affected. However, we believe society is becoming unfazed by the magnitude of recent cyber attacks. This is apparent to us when we analyze the trends of regular people discussing their concern regarding new attacks. We see it in company stock prices, we see it in sales and that scares us. Blueliv’s intelligence data shows the enormity of this problem and we advise customers remain vigilant regarding the latest breaches.

Dennis Lee
Sales Manager

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