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Threat Intelligence & RSA
Cyber Defense Magazine has just published the following article of Nahim Fazal, Head of International Business Development at Blueliv. RSA 2015 was very much the year of Threat Intelligence. That is the overwhelming sensation one is left with as the dust settles on the RSA conference for this year. Perhaps more...
How could UBER accounts have been compromised?
Uber is an American company that develops and operates a mobile application that allows users to provide and employ transporting services for people. Motherboard reported last week that thousands of active Uber accounts are for sale in black markets located in the dark web. After investigating the issue, Uber...
How to avoid a Dridex infection?
In the recent days we have been seeing a lot of commotion around the botnet Dridex. This improved version of Dridex is proliferating thanks to an effective phishing campaign. Taking advantage of the proximity of the annual tax declaration, the organization behind this botnet is sending emails to unsuspecting...
Actionable Approach to Fighting Cybercrime using Cyber Threat Intelligence
Cyber Defense Magazine has recently published the following article of Dennis Lee, Territory Manager North America at Blueliv. Organizations are finding themselves in a world where having defensive controls like a firewall, secure datacenter and stringent security policies is simply not enough. In 2014, we’ve seen companies like JP Morgan Chase, Sony...
Botconf 2014 – Day 3
This third and last day of this great experience started with an awesome speech from Hendrik Adrian and Dhia Mahjoub about Fast Flux Proxy Networks, which is a DNS technique used by botnets in which multiple ever-changing IPs are associated with a unique DNS name. These IPs are swapped...
Botconf 2014 – Day 2
Today it’s been a long day with many interesting speeches, starting with a technical workshop on how to debug rootkits with windbg, and ending with a great research work, done by Tom Ueltschi, on ponmocup malware and Zuponcic infection Kit. Meanwhile, during the day we’ve seen a variety of...
Botconf 2014 – Day 1
Lot of things to talk about in just one day at Botconf conference in Nancy, France. Great talks and amazing people, let’s do a short summary of some of them. The conference started with a very interesting presentation from National Crime Agency (NCA) about Botnet takedowns, in which the...
People becoming unfazed to cyber attacks?
When Target was hacked last year the incident made headline news for months. Target reported that their Q4 sales dropped 46% and their stock took an 11% dip. Most recently Home Depot was hacked exposing over 65 Million Credit cards, including yours truly. However, Home Depot stock didn’t take...
Cyber-attack against JPMorgan Chase
A cyber-attack targeting JPMorgan Chase this summer compromised over 75 million household according to a statement recently released by Chase Bank. The data stolen included names, addresses and email addresses, but did not include any credentials or bank account numbers. This attack compromised resources such as, JPMorganOnline and...
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