Cyber-attack against JPMorgan Chase

A cyber-attack targeting JPMorgan Chase this summer compromised over 75 million household according to a statement recently released by Chase Bank. The data stolen included names, addresses and email addresses, but did not include any credentials or bank account numbers. This attack compromised resources such as Chase.com, JPMorganOnline and even JPMorgan Chase Mobile banking applications.


We were lucky that hackers didn’t make off with more intrusive data which could compromise your identity. However, it’s only a matter of time before a theft which results in details such as Health, Financial and other private data are stolen from a single source. At the same time, once must consider the profile being compiled about you as a result of theft from multiple sources.

This attack demonstrates why all companies despite how much IT spending they pour into information security needs to also consider monitoring their cyber threat visibility of mission critical resources. At the same time, individual must make conscious decisions when deciding which companies to work with.

Dennis Lee
Sales Manager

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