Computer Security Day 2016: Make a date with our malware sandbox

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Today marks Computer Security Day 2016. Our responsibility to ensure the security of our networks and connected devices is ‘always on’ in an age when we are heavily dependent on being online just to function normally. But, it’s always good to pause and remind ourselves about how important it is to secure ourselves, whether you’re looking after a huge corporate infrastructure, or checking in to make sure your kids are browsing the web safely.

So while the date’s in the diary, take a few moments today to have a play with our Malware Sandbox. Users already registered on the Blueliv Threat Exchange Network can access the sandbox for free.

This is how it works:

  • Upload malware samples in seconds – no installation is required!
  • Get a detailed report including connections the sample made during analysis
  • Use the information to scan your network for existing infections


The Blueliv Malware Sandbox provides a free solution for analyzing malware, developed by our world-class in-house Threat Intelligence Labs Team, experts in malware reversing and analysis.

In addition, use our Cyber Threat Map to see whether your IP is part of an active CrimeServer monitored by Blueliv. Anyone can use it, all you need to do is enter your IP address (network or personal) in the search box.

IP Infection analysis tool

An effective cyber security strategy involves multiple layers of intelligence. Malware analysis, external cyber threat intelligence and internal network security combine to create a powerful, holistic solution to counter cybercrime.

Join the Blueliv Threat Exchange Network to access the sandbox (as well as all sorts of other brilliant resources) and continue the fight against cybercrime. Stay safe!

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