Blueliv announces technical alliance with MrLooquer

We are excited to announce our latest technical alliance, following founders Fran Gomez and Rafa Sanchez’ presentation at this year’s RootedCon in Madrid.

MrLooquer, a fellow Spanish cybersecurity company, provides valuable information to help organizations manage their risk accurately. Their technology discovers and analyses IPv4 and IPv6 assets covering the whole network, and our agreement enables the sharing of this data. Together we can detect and mitigate even more malicious IPs and vulnerabilities. Working together with MrLooquer, Blueliv is able to provide further enhanced intelligence from an even broader range of sources.

Daniel Solís puts the following at the heart of Blueliv’s business objectives: “We are looking for new collaborative models, with the goal of socializing cybersecurity. This is what the bad guys are doing – why not us too? Blueliv continues to demonstrate this by building new partnerships and alliances with the likes of MrLooquer, and driving forward initiatives like the Threat Exchange Network.”

MrLooquer is a young startup and working with them will also help to develop their own talent. Blueliv is celebrating its ten year anniversary this year – it’s not so long ago that we were in a similar position! Fran Gomez, founder of MrLooquer comments, “As a start-up, we know the importance of partnering in the cybersecurity field. MrLooquer is pioneering work on IPv6 networks and asset monitoring, and together with Blueliv our increased capabilities offer our customers a unique vision of their IT security.”

Some analysts point out that threat intelligence companies often find themselves working alongside some companies that might be considered ‘competitors’. Indeed, in a recent market guide for threat intelligence products and services published by a well-known analyst, Blueliv was placed five times as a sample vendor alongside others with whom we actually have alliances, as well as ‘compete’ in the market sense.

Our vision is socializing cybersecurity, and to ally ourselves with other vendors who also believe that the fight against cybercrime is a collaborative effort. As such, we work with other companies in the cybersecurity ecosystem to complement each other and offer better protection for customers.

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