Why SMBs should also care about Data breaches?

A written by Jen Miller of CIO magazine describes the importance for Cyber Security for small to midsize businesses. The article highlights how many smaller businesses can suffer from the same attacks that plague large enterprises to even attacks which specifically target them. These organizations could be using the same Point-of-Sale system, or are a services provider to a larger organization. The article also highlights how criminals then go to smaller companies to carry out their thief using the compromised data because these companies most likely have weaker or even non-existent fraud detection systems.

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In the past, I worked for some of the largest companies in the world as a contractor / subcontractor. I can honestly say, I’m glad (and my customer should be glad too) that I completely destroyed my hard drive, documents and even RAM after moving on to my next adventure. Why? I worked for a small security company and had full VPN access to networks, full admin rights to Firewalls/SSLVPN systems and even the SSL certificates to some of the top 25 companies in the world. Imagine if my house were burglarized and my work laptop was stolen, then that laptop was sold unknowingly by the burglar to criminals who buy old laptops from Silicon Valley because of the perceived value of recoverable data. In this scenario, it doesn’t matter how much employee training, procedures, or contracts my customer has for its own employees – because the breach would have occurred through its vendor.

I fulfilled my responsibilities to protect my customers and also to frankly reduce my own personal liability by ridding myself of this potential information breach source. But what if not everyone is like me? Blueliv’s Cyber Threat Intelligence dashboards will give an enterprise visibility into the data that’s being traded about them on the deep Internet despite whether the source was through your own systems or a 3rd party. The information could be the credentials you created for the contractor to access your information system, the code-signing certificate used to publish mobile-apps under your company’s name or even the schematics to your latest intellectual property. For small-to-mid size businesses, I’m sorry to say but in today’s Cyber Crime world you might be the source of these leaks. This is why it’s also equally vital that you monitor information being stolen from your company because that’s how hackers chain attack into other systems.

Whether you’re a small, medium or large organization, you will be alerted immediately by Blueliv and can take the actions necessary to eliminate or reduce the damage caused by the leak.

Dennis Lee
Sales Manager

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