Why is Blueliv Gartner “cool”?

Recently Blueliv has been designated a Cool Vendor in Communications Service Provider Security, 2015 and in this post I want to try and encapsulate what was it that made us “cool”.

The Blueliv solution has a number of key features that will make it immediately apparent why Gartner has labelled it a “cool”.

Why is Blueliv Gartner "cool"?

The first key feature is the solution’s ability to deliver targeted intelligence. An immediate challenge for most organisations is that they are only receiving very generic threat intelligence. There is nothing to tie it down to a particular organisation. This is were Blueliv excels – in its ability to provide threat intelligence that informs you of how a particular piece of threat intelligence will directly impact your organisation. So in practical terms, which of many domains does this threat intelligence relate to? Furthermore, what is the precise IP address of an affected asset that is trying to connect to your infrastructure? What is that asset infected with – the who, the what and the why.

Blueliv is able to provide intelligence that will help organisations pinpoint the precise indicators of compromise and, thereby, begin immediate remediating actions. What strategic advantage is the Blueliv solution giving the customer? It helps the end customer to rapidly close the window of opportunity that malicious actors can utilise to cause harm to an organisation.  Blueliv will shift an organisation onto a proactive footing.  In addition to the targeted intelligence the solution comes with powerful searching and filtering capabilities. This will allow end customers to create further refined iterations of the targeted intelligence that is provided allowing them to drill down and create bespoke intelligence outputs that would meet the needs of any internal business unit.

There is a brilliantly intuitive GUI that anyone can come to get grips with rapidly. It has been designed deliberately to be intuitive and to allow the human eye to assimilate the information displayed in a rapid manner. Built in features also allow this information to be extracted rapidly to be shared with trusted partners.

These are just some of the features that the platform has, time and space restrict me to touching upon just a few features in this post. In the coming weeks I will be blogging about the reminder of the diverse and feature rich tools that the platform has and before I leave I must mention that I have to share with you the feed that Blueliv can provide that stands apart from the platform. Do come back, please, to check on what makes Blueliv cool over the coming weeks.

For further information read the complete Gartner’s report.

Nahim Fazal

Head of International Business Development at Blueliv

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