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In one phrase, define Blueliv.

We are the innovators, the paradigm-shifters. We’re a company dedicated to fighting cyber threats in ways no one has ever done before.

With this approach, we’re able to view cyber threats and attacker characteristics from an unconventional perspective and successfully anticipate targets and potential outcomes. We’re not afraid of risk.

How was Blueliv created, and why?

Why? We created Blueliv because there was a need that was not being met. Traditional security companies were not proactive enough; cyber criminals were taking the lead, leaving companies at risk.

How? We decided to take another track in the fight against cyber crime we decided to think differently. Then we started testing. We tested until we discovered a better way to protect companies, their assets, and their clients. We’re always trying new things in order to get new results.

What is Blueliv? A product? A software? A piece of technology? A team of people creating solutions?

All of the above. We are a team of people, developing solutions which we deliver via our Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform. It’s a cloud-based software solution, backed by a talented team that is continually innovating and updating it, evolving it to take on the ever-changing threats of cyber crime.

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-18 a las 17.01.28Blueliv is a kind of fortress of strategic intelligence that we build. Block by block, we expand and reinforce it daily, strengthening it as new information and trends emerge. We’ve found this is the most effective way to arm our clients against ever-changing threats, and help them protect their business.

How does it work?

Being cloud-based basically means one thing: it’s easy to up- date, to install, to explore, and above all: easy to configure so that it can quickly get to work.

That’s our philosophy: to make things as simple as possible.

Moreover, our turnkey platform addresses a comprehensive range of cyber threats to turn global threat data into predictive, actionable intelligence that detects, identifies, and helps stop cyber threats.

What’s one reason to buy Blueliv?

We go where no one else goes. The most obvious reason is that we give you access to intelligence about cyber threats that can affect you, including those we’ve discovered that no one else has.

We turn global threat data into predictive, actionable intelligence specifically for your company and the unique threats it faces. You’ll know what’s happening, why, how, and the potential impact of any relevant threat. When you know what’s coming, you can adjust your internal security measures to successfully block cyber attack attempts.

Getting ever-deeper into the world of cyber security what does that mean?

Innovation. We are always working to make our product simpler and give value, for people who only want specific information that involves them. Blueliv’s software is modular, because technology should always adapt to the individual business and the person who buys it, and never vice versa. It must be simple, unobtrusive, and give value instantaneously.

When we speak of cyber security, what are we talking about? Industrial espionage? Online mafias? Cyber crime?

Cyber security is protection against cyber threats, regardless of who’s behind them.

But there are different kinds of cyber threats, and one can’t always control the actors. The issue of espionage is very focused and very difficult to stop, almost impossible. Many times it is detected only after the attack succeeded in achieving its desired results. In case of fraud, it’s easier to detect because it is an industry, and the patterns can be repeated.

We specialize in the financial sector and in mafias-run cyber crime that attacks companies not only for the money, but also for the data. We need to keep in mind that on the Internet, everything can be bought and sold.

Why should someone choose Blueliv over another company? What sets you apart?

There’s a fundamental difference: a platform that gives access to threat visibility like no one else can.

Unlike the others, that look in public sources, we generate our own intelligence and we afford client to do so. We dedicate ourselves to digging in and finding our own information, generating our own data and offering more value to our clients.

Until Blueliv, there were two options, either you had intelligence or you had a platform—and if you had a platform, someone else gave you the intelligence. But Blueliv is different. We go further. We take the intelligence gathered by others, but we also generate our own. This allows us to provide comprehensive protection that covers general threats affecting your sector, but also targeted protection against threats that are specific to your company.

I understand that to be an innovator in the world of cyber security, you have to be sharp, up-to-date, as well as curious and creative. How does Blueliv do all this in a sector that is constantly in flux?

Here’s how. Our team is comprised of superbly creative individuals, who love what they do and who know that being on top of the changing scene is absolutely fundamental.

Our expertise comes from years of global experience in intelligence investigations, reversing malware, and uncovering cyber attack trends.

External collaboration is also important. We form part of a cyber security community that shares trends, and alerts each other of new threats, in order for all of us to stay on top of them.

Collaboration between companies?

That’s right. Surely there will be some hesitance in the different sectors, amongst competitors.

All of us need to build circles of trust, to share information without giving up competitive advantages, in order to help and protect one another because that’s an important part of protecting themselves. This is precisely what creates a strong, powerful community.

How do you get a client agree to this kind of collaboration?

When it comes to cyber security, collaboration makes each of us stronger. They suffer these threats daily. Or they may suffer them in the future. It’s a concept that goes beyond professionalism. The resources of individual companies are limited, and enemies work fast. When companies don’t share this type of information, the arsenal on which each can draw is severely hampered. That’s why they’ve got to unite.

We think that fighting cyber crime should be a possibility for everyone, and for that reason, we launched a free API from which you can download information about malicious hosts. I invite you to visit our Cyber Threat Map and join our community.

To conclude, what are your goals for Blueliv’s future?

To keep maintaining and incorporating new sources, to feed our cyber security engine with more and more information. It is important to feed and train the big data to discover more threats. It’s also important to keep studying how “bad guys” work, how they are changing and mutating cyber threats.

We also aim to continue to help our product evolve in order to offer solutions that can be automatically applied according to a series of corrections in the corresponding client systems. New technologies: in mobile, TV, critical infrastructure we have to continue to research threats to these areas. And last, but not least, we need to encourage companies and sectors to better share information about threats, in order to make it harder still for cyber criminals to succeed.

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