Version 3.9 Platform Release feat. NEWS

While you guys have been fine-tuning your cyber defence strategies and finding ways to further improve your overall security postures, we have been busy making improvements to our Threat Intelligence Management Platform.

As always, our clients have been really helpful and awesome by providing us with valuable feedback, and communicating their needs and suggestions for improvements. With their help, our great team of dedicated platform developers were able to enhance the user experience, add a number of great new functions and features, and last but not least, develop a brand new NEWS module.

If you are not already using our Threat Intelligence Platform to detect and identify external threats facing you, then get in touch with our platform representative at to find out how we can help you improve your security posture.

Version 3.9 release makes the Blueliv Threat Intelligence Platform even smarter, faster and more effective in preventing and/or minimizing the impacts of security breaches and cyber-attacks.

3.9 Blueliv Platform Release

To achieve this we have:

• Introduced a new cross module incidents list page where you can view all incidents of an organisation at once
• Added an Excel export function so you can easily export your results
• Added labelling to the exported modules in JSON format for ease of use
• Created a confidence score function in the Crimetracker to enable you to prioritize your workload
• Installed a label filtering feature when retrieving your results through API
• Enabled mass export function of all module settings in zip format to reduce set-up times for your other entities
• Optimized the overall performance and data processing function of the platform


• And finally, we have launched a brand new NEWS module on our platform, that scans and retrieves – in REAL TIME – relevant news from thousands of newspapers around the globe in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese language.

NEWS Module Blueliv platform
Whether you want to know what the press is writing about:

– your organisation and its leaders (i.e. CEO or board members) specifically,
– or you simply want to stay up-to-date with a certain topic of interest,

having the NEWS module will ensure you won’t miss a piece of important news EVER AGAIN!


If you already are a user of the Blueliv platform, then get in touch and take advantage of the 3 Months Complimentary NEWS Module Trial. Alternatively, contact our representative at to arrange a live demo of the NEWS module.


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