ThreatStream and Blueliv announce a partnership to offer unique cyber threat intelligence

Following our intelligence sharing philosophy, we are happy to announce our alliance with ThreatStream. From today, the Blueliv Threat Intelligence Feed will be part of the ThreatStream Alliance of Preferred Partners (APP) store, allowing its users to have access to unique intelligence about verified online crime servers conducting malicious activity, the infected bot IPs, malware hashes and hacktivism activities.

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We are excited to be part of the ThreatStream APP store, we believe that sharing intelligence is the key to getting the upper hand in an ever-changing war on cyber crime,” states Daniel Solís, Blueliv’s CEO and founder. “The Data Feed provides organizations with the volume, velocity and variety of real time threat intelligence needed and focuses on malicious URLs like botnets, C&C of bankers, POS, grabbers and ransom as well as on exploit kits or phishing.

Blueliv’s application programming interface (API) makes the integration with security systems easy and direct avoiding development and integration costs. Leveraging the powerful Blueliv’s API enables software and solution providers to bring premium threat intelligence to their customers.

Do you want to add automated threat intelligence to your security controls? Join our Technology Alliance as AllienVault, Splunk, Elastic and ThreatStream have already done. Contact us for further information.

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