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Do you want to improve your external threat visibility? The Blueliv Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform 14-day free trial is now available.

During your trial Blueliv will look for compromised information belonging to your company (based on the domain of the email you used to register). Use the Blueliv dashboard to view results and use the data to empower your SOC team to more efficiently mitigate threats targeting your organization.

5 reasons to start your free trial today

  • Get setup in minutes
  • Get access to four different modules: Botnets and C&C, Targeted Malware, Credit Card Fraud, Hactivism
  • Access compromised information belonging to your organization
  • Receive email alerts as soon as incidents are detected
  • Start using the data to mitigate potential threats

Your bespoke Blueliv dashboard will give you access to the latest cyber threat trends and intelligence specific to your setup criteria. Note: some of the data will be obfuscated.

Get in touch with to find out more or upgrade your free trial.

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