Splunk App for Blueliv tutorial

As you may already know, the Splunk® App for Blueliv is available for users to be able to access the Blueliv’s Cyber Threat Information Intelligence Feed through Splunk console. Below you will find a Splunk App Blueliv tutorial to help you set it up and use it effectively.

The Splunk App offers users an easy and clear interface that allows for fast and high-impact results rapidly. The App provides unique intelligence about current threats and an overview of the TOP 10 affected ASNs and domains, infected IPs, 10 portal domains that are reporting data to C&C and hacktivism activities among others. For further information about this App you can read the post we published with the announcement of the application.

However, do you know how to get started and add intelligence to your existing data? In order to make it easier for you, we have prepared this tutorial where you will learn how to configure your plugin and obtain the maximum benefit.

The Splunk App can be downloaded here. We hope you find this video helpful and for any doubts regarding the App, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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