Recap: Blueliv at RSA Conference 2018

Last week, RSA Conference 2018 pulled 45,000 attendees from all over the world to San Francisco’s Moscone Centre. The week was packed with keynotes from tech luminaries, networking events and sessions discussing the latest themes, threats and solutions from the world of cybersecurity.

RSA is always a great barometer of how the cybersecurity market is evolving globally, and this year was no exception. Below we recap some trends we picked up on at RSA 2018.

Security firmly in the front seat

Cybersecurity incidents have been making headlines over the past 12 months, with enterprise breaches, APTs and PII concerns in the news on a weekly basis. CISOs are facing pressure to improve their security operations both internally from stakeholders, and externally from the likes of GDPR which comes into force in less than a month.

Though there is still much work to be done in educating consumers and employees about how to stay safe online, many companies are already taking steps to improve their security posture by deploying training programs and complementing existing infrastructures with threat intelligence. This innovation was on show at the conference, not least by the amount of threat intelligence vendors occupying more physical space than ever before.

Blueliv RSA 2018

Collaboration is more important than ever

Industry peers are more inclined to collaborate with each other to optimize their own defense strategies, identify and develop new market opportunities and conquer new markets. This is a clear sign that the Threat Intelligence as an industry is maturing and evolving. For example, partners and other cybersecurity vendors are recognizing that there is a lot of value to be gained by adding to their existing offerings with actionable, targeted cyberthreat intelligence products.

We highlighted this theme in our Annual Cyberthreat Landscape report, and was also picked up by IBM’s Marc van Zadelhoff in his keynote. He asserted that “to be good at cybersecurity, you need to think about it as an immune system of capabilities,” working in combination and collaboratively to maintain a healthy infrastructure.

Blueliv RSA 2018

Threat Intelligence as a market is maturing

Vendors are helping attendees understand threat intelligence – what is it, and how specific solutions help? In the past ‘threat intelligence’ has been a catch-all term with little definition, but as the arena grows, companies have been able to position themselves much more effectively. Some are service suppliers, some are TIPs, some are simply data feeds. With greater segmentation comes better visibility for customers around who is who and who does what. Ultimately, enterprises look for a bespoke model that suits their requirements, so this dynamism can only be a good thing!

Blueliv RSA 2018

Overall, we feel that the event was a valuable experience for vendors and enabled us to measure the pulse of the industry. The Threat Intelligence market, though growing, is still relatively nascent and we were really pleased to hear that many industry peers consider Blueliv at the crest of this new wave in cybersecurity. If the interest in threat intelligence continues at this pace, Gartner’s prediction that 15% of large enterprises will use threat intelligence by 2020 may even be surpassed.

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