RSA Conference USA 2017: one week on

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From left to right, Ludovic Pivetal, Nahim Fazal, Daniel Solis, Barry Raymond, Ramon Vicens, Gerard Cervello, Ignacio Mañas

Year after year, RSA continues to hold the title as the biggest annual IT security event. This year marked Blueliv’s third year of attendance at the renowned San Francisco conference to meet and connect with our industry peers.

More exhibitors, more attendees

The number of exhibitors increases each year and 2017 was no exception. More innovation, more competition. Some are even debating whether the cyber security market is becoming saturated with solution providers, in excess of the actual demand for these products and services. But while some question whether the market can accommodate more innovation and an even wider choice, what we do know is that RSA Conference USA 2017 attracted a more international audience than we’ve seen before.

Threat Intelligence is no longer just a buzzword

And this is good news actually. This indicates that the industry is maturing and developing new approaches at pace – the kind of dynamism we need to stand a chance of keeping up with the evolution of cybercrime. Vendors were more focused on demonstrating the real value of threat intelligence, rather than marketing a miracle to CISOs and SOC teams.

We experienced first-hand the benefits of this approach and received a greater proportion of requests to demonstrate how threat intelligence can help resolve existing challenges, versus basic enquiries to explain the meaning of threat intelligence. There was definitely an increased appetite amongst attendees to enhance their understanding of threat intel at a practical level.

In some cases, we were also asked how to resolve the complex problems that often occur as a result of using a large variety of TI data sources in multiple different formats. The answer of course, is to adopt a Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform that enables users to manage global threat data in one central place.


Automation is the new normal

The one thing that attendees were seeking and vendors were selling was automation as the latest must-have solution to the famous tryptic, prevention, detection and remediation.

Automation comes under many different guises, from AI to machine learning. There’s little doubt that automation benefits Security teams at both a tactical and strategic level, but it’s likely that the market will begin to dig deeper into what automation really means, and to what extent threat intel can be automated and furthermore, how to leverage it.

The sky’s the limit

RSA always provides a good opportunity to take the pulse of the security ecosystem, to meet new and existing customers and technological partners, and develop new potential business relationships.

It’s also a great way to measure the evolution of Blueliv’s brand awareness in this crowded and highly competitive landscape. We were pleased to see greater engagement with our growing brand and met with a number of security professionals who came prepared with educated questions and use cases for us to tackle and showcase our capabilities.

Last but not least, some attendees presented us with previously unseen use cases, signaling that the market knows it can leverage threat intelligence – now it’s about envisioning how. At Blueliv, we think the sky’s the limit!

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