Revisiting Blueliv’s most popular news of the year

This year is just about over and it’s almost time to welcome 2016. We love the reflection that comes along with the close of a time period, and the hope that comes with looking ahead.

We have been working on the fight against cyber crime during 2015 and next year we will continue sharing threat intelligence and providing high-quality and actionable insights in order to be one step ahead of cyber criminals and protect businesses.

These are Blueliv’s top 7 news. It has been a privilege learning with you this year!


1. Blueliv named a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner:

Gartner has selected Blueliv a Cool Vendor in Communications Service Provider Security category. The Gartner Cool Vendor report evaluates interesting, new and innovative vendors, products and services that enable telecom and communication service provider companies to maintain gold standard network protection. Go to the post.

Cool Vendor


2. Blueliv Cyber Threat Map:

We launched an interactive Cyber Threat Map which shows in real time the geolocation of servers that are actively engaged in criminal activity such as credit card theft, credential theft or malware distribution. Anyone can access it via our free API. Every second, our Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform collects and analyzes more than 270,000 pieces of specific data on live cyber crime attempts from hundreds of sources. Visit the Cyber Threat Map.

Blueliv Cyber Threat Map


3. Blueliv at RSA 2015

Blueliv was in the RSA Conference 2015, one of the most recognized IT security events worldwide. Roughly 25.000 people attend the conference every year to experience hundreds of speaker sessions and organizations showcasing their technologies. This year we had the opportunity to be there introducing the company and our cyber threat intelligence platform. Read the post.



4. Blueliv Community, join us in the fight against cybercrime with our free API:

We believe that sharing expertise and intelligence is the key to get the upper hand in an ever-changing war on cyber crime. But the issue, usually, is where to acquire this information.

We think that fighting e-crime should be a possibility for everyone, and for that reason, we launched a free API from which you can download information about malicious hosts. Join us!



5. An open and agile malware analysis sandbox, the new community feature:

We released a novel feature to Blueliv’s Community, our online malware analysis sandbox. With this amazing sandbox, you will be able to upload a malware, have it analyzed and obtain a report that includes the connections that the sample made during runtime analysis. Register now!



6. Cyber Threat Data Feed, ultra fresh intelligence at your fingertips:

Attacks are escalating and are precisely targeting clients with frightening efficiency. Through Blueliv’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Data Feed our clients are armed with the ultra-fresh data needed to protect their assets from a diverse of online threats.

Thanks to the Data Feed, companies can make a step change and adopt a more pro-active cyber security stance and inject a dynamic approach to dealing with their cyber threat intelligence requirements. Find out more.



7. Are your IPs infected? Check it now!

Thanks to this community feature, you can now look up an IP and see if it belongs to crime servers reported to our Cyber Threat Intelligence platform.

Further information such as the domain, the country where this IP was geolocated, data related to ASN, the first time this crime server was seen and its type is available. This data can help you establish the severity of the incident. Check your IP now!

 Malicious IP Query

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