New Splunk App for Blueliv

Splunk App for Blueliv

Blueliv has just released a new application for Splunk®. Splunk is an event analyzer that collects data generated by any source and provides the user with tools and dashboards to analyze and correlate this data.  With this App, Splunk users will be able to access the Blueliv’s Cyber Threat Information and analysis intelligence feed through Splunk dashboards.

The Splunk App provides users with an easy and clear interface that allows for fast and targeted cyber threat intelligence. Relevant and fresh data like affected domains, IPs and locations are given in order to provide an overview on the current trends in Crime Servers and Hacktivism. Blueliv’s Threat Intelligence feed always gives up to date data improving user’s visibility of any threat and delivering actionable security.

Splunk App for Blueliv interface

The App is available in the Splunk Apps Store for free with a sample of live data.

Deploy the plugin now and begin to receive actionable Cyber Threat Intelligence directly  within your SIEM console .
Watch this video to learn how to configure the plugin.

If you need more information about this App, please contact us at

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