New Release of Blueliv Threat Exchange Network

Cyber-criminals are very well organised and typically operate as part of highly sophisticated and specialised criminal organizations. Needless to say, in terms of the skills and methods used they are often years ahead of the businesses and establishments they target. In response, companies are increasingly hiring cyber security specialists, purchasing multiple security tools and re-thinking their strategies and approaches to tackle cybercrime.

Blueliv two-pronged strategy for tackling cybercrime:
Blueliv uses a two-pronged strategy to combat cybercrime. The first approach uses our Advanced Threat Intelligence Acquisition Platform, which looks for cyber threats outside of your network and automatically analyses and correlates them. Furthermore, the Platform enables you to prepare active responses to potential, oncoming and existing threats.

The second approach is by means of information sharing. Just as cybercriminals have joined forces and “socialised” the cybercrime industry by using online platforms to collaborate and maximise the gains from their carefully constructed cyber-attacks, Blueliv has launched a cyber threat intelligence sharing community, the Threat Exchange Network to help businesses, organisations and individuals protect themselves from cyber-attacks. As an example, security professionals in the UK can now prevent ransomware attacks as a result of another industry peer in Canada having shared the newly discovered malware campaign through the Blueliv community.

We believe that the Blueliv community plays a pivotal role in keeping up with cybercriminals and for this reason we are continuously working on user experience and feature improvements.

Last week, we implemented the following improvements and features:

• A text scanning feature used for pasting chunks of text that may include IOCs into a window box and automatically populating the IOCs section
• Automatic validation of the IOCs to prevent incorrect IOCs from being shared
• Automatic detection and population of relevant type TAGS of the IOCs such as hashes, IPs, URLs and other types
• Automatic detection and population of the IOC source
• A notification centre to generate alerts each time the community engages with you

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To make the most of the Threat Exchange Network, check out the community every day to:

• find out about new security breaches and threats,
• share information about threats that you have discovered,
• take action to prevent attacks and mitigate threats,
• and use the Sandbox to upload, analyse, identify and share malware with one click



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