NCSAM 2016: Recognizing and combatting cybercrime

As we mark week three of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we’re pausing to take stock of the many different forms of online crime. At Blueliv, we’re focused on fighting the bad guys who threaten the security and net worth of organizations across all industries. But we’re very familiar with the types of cybercriminal behavior that aren’t motivated by financial gain, such as hacktivist operations, bullying and radicalization.

The web, the dark web and the deep internet offer a rich breeding ground for criminal activity, but the majority of us are sheltered from the alarming reality. This is why raising awareness of not only the risks of sharing personal information online but also the best ways to protect ourselves, our families and our organizations from falling victim to cybercrime is increasingly important in our highly connected lives.

NCSAM supports the notion that the only way to fight cybercrime is with a collaborative effort among law enforcement, government agencies, the private sector and the general public. This is another great reminder of NCSAM’s mantra about Our Shared Responsibility. Blueliv strongly believes in the power of sharing intelligence and collaboration across the cybersecurity industry when it comes to strengthening our defenses.

The numbers do the talking

Check out the stats on the growing cost of cybercrime. These figures highlight how common identity theft has become – and it’s no surprise when we see how many personal records have been exposed since 2005. Data leakage often occurs as a result of users inadvertently sharing sensitive information, falling into the wrong hands with minimal effort from the cybercriminals themselves.

NCSAM’s infographic lists phishing, malware, ransomware and identity theft as some of the most prevalent cyber threats today. Businesses have a responsibility to protect both their customers and colleagues from these types of threats, as well as information assets and Intellectual Property.

Blueliv advocates a layered approach to achieving a holistic cyber security solution – fortify your efforts internally to improve users’ awareness of their own responsibilities with external threat intelligence from multiple sources to help defend your organization, colleagues and customers from both angles.

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