Here is the Blueliv Threat Exchange Network!

This week marks an important milestone for us here at Blueliv with the announcement of our Threat Exchange Network (beta version). A new release of our strong collaborative community is out to continue fight cyber crime together.

Blueliv Threat Exchange Network is designed to share IoCs such as IPs, URLs and file hashes to protect the community against today’s latest threats. From a single pane of glass, community users now have access to all Blueliv’s ecosystem features like the Cyber Threat Map, Malware Analysis Sandbox, Malicious IP Query, and the new Threat Intelligence Exchange Network.

The Threat Exchange Network allows you to share threat data by publishing sparks with indicators, classify the sparks with tags, and share them through your social media networks. Moreover, following other community users, leaving comments on other users’ sparks, looking for trending sparks and searching for the ones that include a specific word or tag, are just a few of the other functionalities that our collaborative Threat Exchange Network brings to you.


Creating sparks from the information users glean from the internet or from their own research, ensures that the information reaches the widest audience possible. What is more, thanks to the karma system we implemented in our collaborative community, you can get recognized for your contributions by earning different statuses such as Guitar Hero or Rock Star.

Getting involved in the Blueliv Threat Exchange Network is a great way to build relationships with other talented and like-minded experts, sharpen your skills, enhance the capability to protect yourself and get recognized for your contribution.

We invite you to become part of this lively and exciting Blueliv Threat Exchange Network that will enable you to defend yourself and help everyone fight cyber crime.


Sign up now, engage with our community, publish IOCs and get recognized:

  • Fight cyber crime together with worldwide experts, organizations and companies
  • Socialize and transform threat intelligence in a collaborative way
  • Share knowledge to protect internet users
  • Defend yourself with the crowdsourced intelligence through Blueliv’s free API

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We are in a beta version and four eyes see more than two, so we rely on your feedback that you can share with us by sending us an email to the following address:

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