Gartner includes Blueliv in “Innovation Insight for MRTI” 2016 report

We’re pleased that Blueliv has been mentioned in the Gartner 2016 “Innovation Insight for Machine Readable Threat Intelligence (MRTI)” report as one of the:

“Example Providers of Commercial Threat Intelligence Feeds You Can Acquire” and “Example Vendors That Help You Aggregate Threat Intelligence”

The report, written by cyber security analysts Craig Lawson and Rob McMillan, states that MRTI can significantly increase your threat visibility and improve your security posture by providing better threat context to security technology, processes and people.

Moreover, the report underlines the importance of having an industry specific feed, and considering its depth, breadth and size before acquiring it.

Blueliv MRTI Data Feed
The Blueliv Data Feed can be applied to all industry verticals:

  • financial services,
  • insurance,
  • telecoms,
  • utilities,
  • government,
  • transport,
  • retail,
  • service providers
  • and security vendors.

The raw data feed provides unique intelligence on verified online crime servers conducting malicious activity, infected bot IPs and URLs (related to bankers, POS, grabbers, ransomware), malware hashes, attacking IPs and hacktivism.

The research also emphasises the need for unanimous vendor-neutral MRTI industry standards such as STIX /TAXII and a threat intelligence management platform to consolidate your threat intelligence into usable data. We firmly support these insights and our team of experts are continuously focused on developing a solution with the aim to save time and resource for SOC teams worldwide. Our advanced Threat Intelligence Management Platform is simple to set up and makes it easy to manage multiple feeds, plus, it´s supplied in the STIX/TAXII standard to ensure integration is seamless.

This Gartner report discusses how MRTI supports:

Enhanced ability to detect a wide range of general and targeted attacks
Increased efficiency since less labour needs to be devoted to gathering real-time operational intelligence and then putting it into practice
Increased effectiveness since the operational intelligence feed available from MRTI services is typically harvested from multiple sources that may not be accessible to an end-user organization

Read the full report to learn about the most important aspects to consider when choosing and deploying MRTI in your organisation and to find out about how to leverage MRTI in order to detect, prevent and respond to threats.bg_twitter



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