From Barcelona to London: Blueliv at RANT! Risk and Network Threat forum

This week Blueliv sponsored its first RANT forum event at The Counting House in London to share the findings from the recent technical investigation into banking Trojan Vawtrak v2.

Ramon Vicens, VP of Threat Intelligence Research Labs, talked through the analysis and was met with lively debate from the audience. Around 100 delegates enjoyed a beer and the chance to network and catch up with existing connections at this intimate event. Brilliantly facilitated by the RANT team, the questions came flooding in as soon as Ramon introduced the key findings presented in the recently published report authored by Blueliv Threat Intelligence Research Labs team.


Chasing Cybercrime: Network insights into Vawtrak v2 includes the most complete picture of Vawtrak v2 malware and the cybercriminal groups behind it than we’ve seen before. It’s predicted to be the next major threat to the banking eco-system, and the discussion was focussed on the most prevalent cyber security issues the UK financial sector is currently facing from both an internal and external network perspective. The forum shed light on some insightful views and unleashed many listeners’ curiosity about what the real impact of this banking Trojan will be.

So far, 82% of botnet infections worldwide target the US, and the heatmap featured in the report can be clearly mapped onto the exact locations of some of the core technological and financial hubs in North America. The UK is in the top 5 list of countries being targeted. It’s time for everyone else to stay one step ahead with a more holistic cyber security solution comprised of multiple different elements designed to complement each other.

Of course, the audience were keen to know what the Moskalvzapoe and Vawtrak groups will do next, according to Blueliv. Most delegates agreed that a layered security solution is the answer as we continue to fight against the evolution of cybercrime. Internal threats and traditional solutions such as the human factor and patching remain a key part of the conversation; education and awareness is crucial for both organizations and end-users. But the next step involves looking from the outside in using targeted external threat intelligence and multiple feeds to help verify data and generate actionable information that ultimately saves the SOC team’s precious time when it comes to mitigating threats and responding to incidents. We can’t predict the future, but the better informed we are, the better chance we have to protect the banking industry from relentless and profitable cybercriminal operations.

Blueliv believes in the power of collaboration. Sharing information is something the cybercrooks have nailed, and is something the cyber security industry needs to do more of. That’s why we jumped at the chance to join a RANT forum, where a number of the team had the pleasure of meeting a strong, collaborative community of industry professionals and experts. And that’s why we’ve developed the Blueliv Threat Exchange Network, where you can access the 4000 IOCs discovered as part of the recent malware investigation. Download the full report and join the fight against cybercrime today.


Thanks RANT and thank you London for having us!

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