Cyber threat intel drives change in the finance sector

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Our latest use case documents the implementation of targeted cyber threat intelligence to reduce the level of cyber risk challenging a major bank, and discusses common challenges relevant to financial institutions everywhere.

Financial sector use case

Industry: Financial Services

Challenge: Inefficient management of multiple generic threat intelligence sources

This use case focuses on a large global bank facing a common challenge. The bank will be referred to as RS1 for the purposes of anonymity. The use case explains how RS1 reduced the amount of resource and time spent identifying threats and attacks targeting the bank and its online customers by integrating advanced and relevant threat intelligence.As a result, the bank became better equipped to protect its own internal infrastructure from attacks and potential threats. The Blueliv Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform (CTIP) also enabled the organization to pro-actively identify potential and actual attacks targeting colleagues and customers. The Blueliv CTIP enabled the bank to protect its internal infrastructure from attacks and threats as well as identify attacks targeting its online banking customers with just one single solution.

Over the course of 12 months, the client was able to identify and mitigate threats with greater efficiency versus the previous year period. Resource was allocated much more effectively, focusing on responding to threats faster. Previously, manual threat data analysis was complex, time-consuming and resource-hungry. This amounted to notable costs savings associated to consolidating fragmented processes into one global source of cyber threat intelligence.

Solution: implementing the Blueliv cyber threat intelligence platform

The use case explains the key outcomes of a major bank’s investment in the Blueliv Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform:

  • Faster detection of internal breaches and compromised customer accounts led to reduction in incident response times
  • Fewer resources required to manage and action cyber threat intelligence data
  • Increased volume and technical capacity of threat intelligence processed
  • Enhanced intelligence delivered at a lower unit cost


Blueliv has extensive experience supporting financial institutions large and small in all corners of the globe. Our customizable, cloud-based Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform includes modular solutions covering Credit Card Theft, Targeted Malware and Botnets and C&C.

If you’d like to know more about our portfolio of use cases and customer case studies, get in touch with our resident industry expert, Nahim Fazal, Head of Cyber Security Development at Blueliv.

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